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4 Chimneys In The Wine Cellar


This video features four of smokingsweeties’ most popular models: Rosy, Iveta, Marta and AnnaMC.

The four girls enjoy their chainsmoking habit in their favourite smoke-friendly bar over drinks. From beginning to end these four beauties efficiently satisfy their nicotine cravings with room-filling smoke production from their beloved cigarettes. The girls effortlessly inhale huge volumes of thick smoke deep into their hungry lungs.

Rosy displays her usual clinical smoking competence with a mixture of open and closed mouth inhales. The latter providing a deeper and more concentrated lung hit – this is also the favoured method of Marta, while Iveta and AnnaMC showcase more showy snaps and French-inhales. At one point, Iveta even rips the filter off her cigarette, eager for the extra tarry hits of unfiltered smoke.

Relaxing with a beer and chainsmoking go hand in hand for these young women who fuel their addicted bodies with confidence and ease.

Stellar lighting of the deep, voluminous inhales makes this 20 minute video a pleasure to watch – four beautiful women doing what they enjoy most.

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