You want to request a specific smoking fetish movie? videos? clip? picture sets?

Can’t find something? You can request it here.

47 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Fantastic posts the last 2 days. Can you check or repost the Sam & Paula clip. It’s showing up blank.

    Thank you for all of these.

  2. The two Bree, San Francisco Girls are identical. They are both the “Tipsy” one. Can you post the other one.

    Fantastic work the past few days. Thank you!

  3. thankful for anyone who does…i use to have a very nice collection of them before my old hdd died on me…..had sooo many smoking vids from all across

  4. If you intend to publish SSW 23 then publish unconditionally the following clips:

    4 Heavy Smoking Girls
    Karina: Smoking Interview
    Ariadna: Chain Smoking Girl
    Nuria: Devoted smoking pettitte
    Gwen: Sexiness in smoking
    Rosy: Chain Smoking Model
    Silvia: Smoking Darling
    Bea & Nieves: New Generation Of Smoking Talents

    The rest is up to you. If you don’t want, it’s ok.

    Tnx a lot!

  5. Thank you for your channel. Would like smokevision, models up close, model house videos if you can have more to post. Thanks again!

  6. Hello!

    I’ve seen smoking pics of a girl named Destanie, but I’d like to see her video, too, please! Thanks!

  7. Hello!

    I know that in the “Pictures” section, there are numerous ones of a girl named Destanie from TLS and Real Smoking. But I do wish to see her smoking video one of these days if you please! Thanks!

  8. I’m trying to purchase Tezfiles premium gold and generally the only payment methods are paysera & bitcoin. Is there a reseller that offers paypal or a US credit card? Can someone provide a good reseller link?

    Site is fantastic BTW!

  9. Plz reup the following videos:

    3 Chimneys In The Wine Cellar
    5 Chimneys In The Wine Cellar
    4 Chimneys In The Wine Cellar
    4 Heavy Smoking Girls Playing Cards
    Ariadna: Teenagerโ€™s Deep Smoking Style
    Annie: Interview To A Smoke Holder
    Amber Stethoscope Chain Smoking
    Ava Grey Smoking Interview
    Ava Grey Makeup & Chain Smoking
    Ava Grey RAY


  10. Hello !
    Would it be possible to reupload [Persephone Solos and Persephone and Meghan Up In Smoke] ?
    The link is currently not working…

  11. Smokingangie & Kuracky videos with cork cigarettes please.
    Also I hope for the one where angie is dressed as the school girl video, thanks!

  12. thank you so much for this wonderful channel.

    there are several issues needs to be brought to your attention:
    1. all randomsnaps files on site are deleted, so appreciate if you upload them on hotlink or filecheck site.
    2. all of smokesignals files are not working on this page and shows empty page also not working on keeptoshare site, I appreciate if you upload them on other site like filecheck or hotlink.

    finally I have a request that I hope it happens which is: I am searching for all of Jasmine smoking videos from randomsnaps in addition to Faye.

    best regards,

  13. re-add annie 2004 randomsnaps please ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also try upload more Futuresmoke+Nicotine ladies, since videos of those doesnt seem to get deleted so fast..

  14. NEW: I want these about Asian Fetish Club, 65tianyicaifang2 and xiaoyuecaifang2 and yidongcaifang3HD.

    PS: It will add here whenever I think of it. Bloggers can arrange it when you have time.Take your time. Big brother

  15. Thank you for uploading Asian Fetish Club video. Do you have any videos about Ziqi (I want 327ziqi5dd) and Xiaohan(with silver hair) and Minghui?

  16. Hi, seems like none of the clips for Smokingsweeties, USAsmokers and randomsnaps are working?? My personal request however, is to add Annie from Randomsnaps. Preferrably when shes younger with the red/orange color hair she had ๐Ÿ™‚

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