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5 Chimneys In The Wine Cellar


Five models have gathered to celebrate their heavy smoking together: Annie (the blond Swedish athlete), Erika (the German power smoker), Estefania (a new face here), and the famous smokers Jessi and Rebeca. All models show without any fuss that there are exactly three reasons for living: Smoking, chatting and drinking. You will encounter a lot of talking and residual exhales here but as well room-filling exhales. Every model displays its own unique style: While Annie underlines her reputation as a smoke holder, it is Erika whose drags have an incredibly destructive effect on filter cigarettes. Jessi is a smoke rings expert who is not afraid at all of smoking a cigarette down to the butt while endlessly exhaling Rebeca and new model Estefania are not really able to stay without smoking for at least a few minutes. Thus a vast amount of tobacco smoke is produced here by these lovely chimneys.

The video features two scenarios:

The models sit together at a table in the wine cellar and enrich the pleasant conversation atmosphere with loads of tobacco smoke. While talking in Spanish (no English subtitles), the models convert nine cigarettes into smoke here with their experienced lungs as if breathing fresh air became out of fashion.
The models display a wonderful smoking choreography: They drag, inhale and exhale together at once in one common rhythm, which leads to great smoke fountains shooting through the air simultaneously. If a cigarette is exploited here, another one is already available within range. This is especially important for Erika and Estefania. Then the models leave the common rhythm and smoke their cigarettes without following a beat. Here anyone can see once again, that every model has developed a distinct smoking style over the years. At least eight cigarettes are smoked here.
This video is a must-buy for those who like to watch beautiful and experienced smokers producing tons of smoke together while hanging out together. Imagine if it was possible to attend this smokers’ conference… Or better leave this mindscape and download the video!

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