A higher purpose Sweet Maria


Watching Me Smoke… such a perfect Goddess. Watching Me Smoke compels you to stroke. It’s all you think about: stroking it for Me and to Me, to my perfect body, my perfect lips as I dangle between them My cigarette. Your fetish is nothing new to Me. I have been smoking for some time now; but I don’t do it for you. I do it for Me. I understand your desperation. I sometimes find myself desperate for My cigarettes too. Trying to quit Me is like trying to quit smoking: you may try, you may even succeed for a few days. But you always come back for more.

Tell Me, how does it feel knowing I want one thing and one thing only from you. And it’s not a cum tribute, don’t be vulgar. I cannot stand ordinary and common. Want to make my perfect pink pussy wet? There’s still a way. Make yourself useful. Spend. Send. Give up everything that is yours. Give it up for a higher purpose – that is Me, Maria

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