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A topless smoking Q&A Eva36d


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A new Q&A about my smoking habit (it’s been a while) :

“-How old were you when you started smoking

-Why did you start smoking?

-On average, how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

  • How long was it before you felt that you were addicted
  • Have you ever tried to quit? How many times?
  • Do your family, friends approve of your smoking?
  • What is your personal record in a day?
  • Do you have chest pain?
  • Do you feel maybe someday you can get lung cancer?
  • Does it scare you?
  • Do you know someone who died from smoking?
  • Do you feel like cigarettes have aged you, change your voice, your life style?
  • Are you coughing from smoking? Does the coughing has changed during the years?
  • What about your heart? Do you have any problems, how is your heart after you smoked a lot? How about after when you finished an extreme smoking clip ?”


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