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Adriana Smoking Expanding Breasts


Adriana comes back with a very appealing video! Along to be a wonderful smoker, Adriana has a gorgeous pair of natural breasts that rise at each inhale. And this is a wide expansion filmed from over her head, by her side, so that you can have the best view on this sexy phenomenon. You’ll also get here some wonderful close ups on her smoky pulpous lips! Adriana proudly shows her tongue piercing here, while performing her signature open mouth inhales. And you won’t miss any whisper of the crackling tobacco.

Her drags are really mature, the cigarette burns for a few seconds between her hot glossy lips before she inhales! To let you have a better view on her chest expansion, she often removes her hands and slowly but deeply dangles her cigarette. She also often moistens her lips to get a better grip on the filter tip. Her exhales are beautiful rich cones or beautiful thick drifting. Her style is relaxed and natural, letting the ashes build and even falling on her sexy breasts.

Her lungs hardly handled the smoking rhythm of this video so I included the sounding consequences: a coughing session (a bit wet)! Her chest get shaken by so much coughing! Adriana lights up with matches here, except for the second cigarette lit with the ending previous one!

Go for this clip if you love big breasted talented smokers. Also, it is particularly indicated to all the coughing amateurs!

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