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Adriana: Snap Inhales And Smoker Cough


Adriana is a young spanish lady with glittering eyes and sexy curves. She’s modeling for you, smoking all the time. This girl smokes with hard deep drags, taking off her hand as she drags so you can see her full lips wrapped around the filter as she sucks on the cigarette. This girl fully understands how sensual she can be when she smokes. With every drag she takes you can see in her eyes and her smile the satisfaction she gets by getting this nicotine inside of her.

This girl smokes with natural snaps and open mouth inhales, which let you see her pierced tongue and she exhales thick long flows of smoke, both from her nose and her mouth. She also has a bad chronic smoker’s cough due to the many cigarettes she has smoked in her life, and you understand why when she says : “I love it !”. Adriana smokes several cigarettes in three different scenes and two different outfits.

Long deep drags, snaps, french and open mouth inhales, dangles, mouth and nose exhales with a beautiful young lady, all a smoke lover can dream of.

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