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Alejandra: One Cigarette After The Other


Alejandra kept power smoking since she filmed her video Chain Smoking Girl Interview one year ago. Remember that she is the girl who loved to keep the smoke deep inside so much.

Scene 1: This extra-long 25 min. video starts with Alejandra smoking 3 cigarettes at once when she is shopping on the streets of Barcelona. We follow her with the camera, as she proudly smokes her 3 multiples cigarettes between the curious eyes of many pedestrians.

Scene 2: Back to the studio, Alejandra is still craving for a smoke. She lies down in the sofa and she devours her first 100s, looking straight on to the camera and innocently caressing her breast as the smoke comes inside her lungs. She immediately chain smokes the next ciggie, and finally a third one. On her third cigarette she talks about the sensations that the smoke delivers on her body, as well as many facts about her addiction.

Scene 3: This girl is aware that her lungs are getting black; she knows that this is the price to pay for being a heavy smoker. She talks about the negative side of smoking as she chain-smokes two cigarettes.

This video is full of hungry drags and huge exhales. Alejandra is not pretending to show smoking tricks or to play with the smoke; instead she is a natural hungry smoker who simply loves to keep the smoke inside.

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