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Alexia: Flash Smoking 7 Cigarettes


After her hugely popular first video, 24 year old pack-and-a-half a day smoking sweetie Alexia takes smoking glamour to a whole new level!

Alexia flash smokes 7 cigarettes across four scenes in this movie, destroying each cigarette with incredible elegance, passion and pleasure. With smouldering eye-contact throughout, and her gloves on, this beautiful, busty girl effortlessly fills her lungs with a constant stream of thick smoke – taking huge double, triple and quadruple pumps deep into her chest, sometimes becoming breathless with the huge volume of her deep, smoky inhales.

Alexia’s film-star loveliness coupled with her powerful flash smoking provide proof that cigarettes are the ultimate accessory for beautiful young women. This is the stuff that smoking-fetish dreams are made of – displaying the perfect balance of smoking elegance and the powerful addiction of this young girl to her beloved cigarettes.

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