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Alla is giving an interview while smoking her favorite cigarettes RussianSmokers


Qestions for her:

What’s your name and how old are you?
How long have you been smoking?
Tell me about these cigarettes — are they strong? Light?
With a taste of something?
Do you remember how you started smoking?
Сan you describe your first experience with it?
how long was it before you started smoking on a daily basis?
You didn’t inhale at first, did you?
Did someone teach you how to do it?
And how many cigarettes a day do you normally smoke now?
And how many cigarettes in a row did you manage to smoke?
Do you smoke more when d.rinking?
Does this happen often?
Did you try smoking without hands?
Can you smoke another one right now or do you need a break?
What are your favorite cigarettes? The ones you’re smoking?
Can you do any smoke tricks? Like smoke rings or something?
Will you try it now?
Do you spit when you smoke? Outside I mean.
Do you feel addicted to smoking?
Do you feel that smoking somehow affects your health?
What does harsch mean exactly? How does it manifest?
Does it hurt when you inhale? Is it a heart pain?
Do you litter when you smoke outside?
How much time usually passes after a cigarette before the desire to have another one appears?
After night s.leep, how soon do you have your first cigarette?
Do you like to smoke with coffee?
After that first cigarette of a day, how do you feel? How does it feel?
Do you feel dizzy or something?
Of all cigarettes of a day, which is the most pleasant one?
Do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?
Can you say what you like most about smoking?
Do you smoke for pleasure or because of addiction?
Do you regret starting smoking?
Have you tried quitting?
what made you pick it again?
What about a recent attempt?
What was the reason for quitting this time?
Do you know that there are people who like to watch girls smoke and how do you feel about it?
Do your relatives mind that you smoke?
Do you smoke at home?
Do you think a cigarette suits you?
Do you feel more sexy when smoking?
If you happen to get pregnant, will you quit for that period?
And what do you do in life?
Do you have any hobbies? You work? You study?
Are there works you could show us?
Can you send me? I’ll add them to this video.
Did your parents smoke when you were a
Do you pay attention to labels on cigarette packs that warn about dangers of smoking?
Do you smoke cigars, hookah or vape?
How often do you smoke a hookah?
Does the smell of cigarettes irritate you when you’re not smoking?
Do you have any smoking-related rituals or traditions?
Do you normally do something to remove smell and taste of tobacco smoke from your mouth?
Did you ever advise non-smokers to try smoking?
What’s your type of guy — smoker on non-smoker?
Did you ever calculate how much money you spent on cigarettes a month?

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