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Ally Summers Pretty Smoking Girl


Introducing new super cute smoking model Ally Summers, a 20 year old petite pretty girl with sexy sad eyes. Ally is one of those hot mysterious girls, you never know what she is thinking, she seems kinda shy but she does know she is totally hot and sexy. This small beauty can smoke the hell out of a strong cigarette. Each scene Ally demolishes her Newport in about 3 minutes and looks beautiful with smoke pouring out of her sexy body.
Ally does 3 solo scenes each captured from 2 angles, a close view and a wide view and she does 1 scene with her friend Dolly for a total of 7 scenes. She smokes a total of 4 Newports and Dolly also smokes a Newport.
Ally likes to dress nice and look glamorous and she loves smoking strong cigarettes even though they do make her cough due to her strong drags and deep inhales.
Ally is like a delicate little flower, very pretty but a great smoker!!!

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