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Amber Chain Smoking Q & A


Here is the lovely Amber having a fun time chain smoking and answering some more questions about her thoughts on smoking. She shows off her awesome cleavage and her friendly personality while talking to you and enjoying chain smoking two Marlboro Red 100s. Amber can be quite shy when it comes to talking in her videos but she is becoming more confident about it and sipping on her hard ice tea helps as well. Captured from a front view and a side view and both are included in separate HD downloads. Here are the question she goes into depth answering:
How soon after you wake up do you smoke your first cigarette?
How much are you smoking daily now?
Do you think you have strong lungs or weak lungs?
What is your opinion of light cigarettes?
Why do you smoke Marlboro Red 100s?
How often do you chain smoke and when does it happen the most?
Do you hold the smoke in longer and/or take bigger drags when you are really fending for a cigarette?
How does that first cigarette in the morning feel?
How do you feel after taking the first few drags from your first cigarette?
Do you inhale as deep in real life as you do in your videos?
After you’ve had your 1st cigarette in the morning – does the need for nicotine subside?
Do you usually prefer taking big drags or regular drags?
Do you think you can smoke heavier and harder than your other smoking friends?
Do you consider yourself an addict?
Do you think are you psychologically addicted?
Do you feel any effects from smoking like smokers cough?
Did you know about smoking videos before you became a smoking model?
Can you imagine life without smoking?

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