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Ana Chain Smoking during Lunch


Want to enjoy a smoky meal? Ana would make that dream real!

In the first scene, Ana is proudly smoking in the streets of Barcelona. She observes some jewelry in the shop-windows and enters a restaurant.

In the second scene, Ana is sat in the restaurant. As she starts to eat tortellinis, she doesn’t stop smoking, taking huge cheek hollowing drags with clear satisfaction.

You’ll clearly see her cheekbones revealed by the powerful inhales! As she reads the newspapaer, you are spectator of a nice dangling scene.

In the middle of her smoky meal, she lights 2 cigarettes and starts a 2 at once smoking session for your pleasure. She seems content with this rush of smoke traveling through her great body. Her drags are really heavy. Ana seems to really enjoy the combination between smoking and eating. One interesting aspect is that she often takes a drag, and drinks a sip of beer without exhaling before. It brings another flavor to her meal. This girl is strongly addicted, as she chainsmokes a total of 4 cigarettes in only one lunch, always with a lighter.

Go for this video if you want to share a meal with a beautiful smoker, constantly dragging hard on her cigarette while eating. If this girl crushes a cigarette, it is just before lighting another. Also, this video is indicated for you guys who appreciate smoking multiples in public.

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