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Ange: Sampling Cigarettes for the First Time: Part 5 of a new Experimental Documentary: Ange Can’t Quit Smoking Smoking Fetish Studio


A few years ago I placed a casting call on some modelling websites seeking models who would be interested in learning how to smoke cigarettes. Angelina (23 years old) aptly replied and we embarked on a series of shoots to capture her first-time smoking experience. This new multi-segment documentary series is the culmination of that work.

Over a 4 year period Ange agreed to be filmed smoking. Initially just curious she simply wanted to sample cigarettes never having tried them in her teens when most of her friends wanted to try. Curiosity soon became displaced by an enjoyment of smoking and a regular habit started to form.

This latest instalment (filmed during the summer of 2020) concludes this unique documentary series. Ange has completed her journey as a smoker. Here’s a brief timeline of Ange’s journey:

-As a newbie smoker she couldn’t inhale.

-Inhaling started to become easier.

-Shortly after Ange became a social smoker.

-Eventually a regular daily habit emerged.

-Finally Ange became addicted.

-She now wants to quit smoking.

Ange is genuinely one of the most delightful and sweet girls I’ve worked on a project with. This latest compilation features Ange during the Covid summer of 2020. We catch up in North London near Hampstead. She’s just finished work and is keen to smoke some cigs. In a relaxed atmosphere as she smokes some Winston 100 cigarettes I film her enjoying them on a hot day. There’s both on and off-topic dialogue – Ange doesn’t like silence so she speaks and enquires into various subjects.

She’s now a fully addicted smoker! In fact she now vapes to try and alleviate the cravings of cigarettes. She would like to quit but finds it difficult.

Here’s a lowdown from my previous descriptions of Ange here on C4S. This provides a background to her progress as a smoker:

From our first shoot: “In our final scene I ask Ange if she’d be tempted to try cigarettes again after our shoot. She responds with an inconclusive answer. But a couple of weeks later were back again for a second shoot and she reveals she’d smoked some of the cigarettes I left with her after our first meeting!”

Ange makes progress: “Ange makes incredible progress over the several months that the film was shot. Still incapable of fully inhaling and a slight cough in the initial scenes is soon replaced with a confident ability to smoke cigarettes in a more accomplished fashion.”

“When I ask Ange, is it easier to inhale the smoke now she replies:

I still have to think about it.

By the final scenes which were filmed a few months later she was naturally inhaling and was clearly experienced at smoking cigarettes.”

Addiction begins: “Having vowed to NEVER smoke alone and NEVER buy cigarettes the inevitability of addiction becomes apparent in this latest episode. She now regularly buys cigarettes and has started smoking during the week when she’s not socialising with friends. Effectively, her initial golden rules of never smoking alone and never purchasing cigarettes have been broken; addiction is beginning to grip her!”

From the last compilation: “Initially Ange conveyed to us that she wouldn’t become a regular smoker; then she told us she would smoke socially but NEVER purchase cigarettes; then she informed us she would never smoke unless she was socialising; finally she explained to us that she wouldn’t become an addicted smoker. She was wrong! She now smokes every day and has inevitably become accustomed to cigarettes.”

As you can see Ange has not only become accustomed to smoking cigarettes, she has become fully addicted to them! This is likely to be the conclusion to this documentary that has taken several years to complete. I’m hoping Ange continues to love smoking cigarettes; I’ve certainly loved filming her … I hope you’ve enjoyed watching her!

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