Angie’s morning dose of nicotine in bed Smoking Angie


t’s early morning and my body wakes me up to feed him and my lungs with some nicotine! I just can’t start my day without it, I returned to bed after smoking that cigarette to be honest lol was way too early for me but when you are addicted you wake up just to have a cigarette and return to bed after. I was traveling when I did this video so I am in an hotel room and I was breaking some rules smoking there lol I always rest well… as I born when I am alone, my doctor says is healthy and I actually use as an excuse to always rest wearing just perfume hehe I chat a bit with you in this clip, so there’s a lot of interaction which means you will feel like your are there in that room with me. I smoke a menthol, I love menthols in the morning so refreshing my lungs are obsessed with.

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