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asia smoking beauty Shehui chain smoking two cigarettes Asian Fetish Club


Introducing a 26years old heavy smoking girl Shehui, she is a fashion model with slim figure and pretty looking. She love to smoking strong cigarettes (normal brand is Liqun as same as XiaoHan), and she had developed a 10years smoking experience with half pack daily. She star to smoking at 15 when her step-mother always induce her to smoke at home with her family.10years after, nowadays, smoking is the most important part in her life, she know smoking is bad, but she cannot live without it .During the video, she chain smokes two Liqun with deeply open moth drag and hold the smoke in her lungs for a while before her exhaling. She exhaling like a chimney, each time with a very long thick steam of smoke and also following by some residual. She is quite confident to shooting, always looking and smile at you. All the scenes are captured from two angles, if you like heavy smoking beauty, don’t miss it.

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