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Atlanta Moreno Flexibility and Nylon Foot Smoking WomenWhoSmoke


I would like a video of Atlanta chain smoking Kent Switch all white cigarettes while showing off her flexibility. Wearing gym shorts and top with nude nylon tights. Atlanta walks into the room (with heels on at this point), the camera goes in really close to her feet/legs to see the tights, then slowly pans up her body to a close up of her face where she lights her first cigarette (she hasn’t had one in ages so it is a very pleasurable moment for her, a few exhales into the camera). The camera then moves back so all of Atlanta is in view, she carries on with a few drags and exhales while standing. At one point I think it would be great if she does her impressive ‘leg up’ move while smoking. She then sits down and removes her shoes. She does some of her best flexible/stretching moves while continuing to smoke (see images Picture 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 for moves I think look really good). She also sometimes kisses her own legs, sometimes blowing smoke on them. She finishes with bringing her nylon feet right up to her mouth, she kisses her own nylon feet and tries to smoke with her nylon toes. Some really close up shots of this would look great if possible 🙂 (Custom video)

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