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Becky Smoking Glamour


Becky is a 25 years old beautiful glamour smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes a day.

Scene 1: As an introduction, Becky is laid on the couch smoking the end of a 100s in sexy lingerie. She takes deep drags, often closing her eyes to appreciate fully the taste of her 100s. It is a delightful moment. She then crushes it in a pretty full ashtray.
Scene 2: In this scene you have a beautiful views of Becky’s generous breasts, round and big. This girl has a lot of sex appeal! She lights up matches. Her drags are full of enjoyment. Her exhales make perfect cones, and you’ll have some right at you exhales as the camera gets close to her by her side.
Scene 3: Becky put a red lipstick and strikes some glamorous pose smoking with deep drags, languorously. The sound is perfectly clear so you’ll hear Becky exhaling her nice cones of smoke. The girl shows you the filter tip stained with lipstick and nicotine.
Scene 4: shows you a wonderful close up on Becky’s beautiful face. Again, she strikes some very glamorous poses, crossing her legs, putting her hair on her shoulders, dragging hard constantly. In the end you’ll see Becky from above, it gives you a nice view on her breasts expanding inhales.
Scene 5: features awesome close ups as the camera is really close from Becky. The drags are full and Becky exhales the smoke right at you! There is a lot of great rich cone exhales with white creamy smoke! She seems really satisfied as she crushes her cigarette. She then brings another cigarette to her beautiful lips, lighting it with a match. Becky knows how sexy she is smoking her long cigarette and she takes pleasure to tease you with her smoke, blowing it directly to the camera.

This video is for you who like sexy glamorous girl who know that she turns you on, smoking with languorous poses using matches to light up, dragging deep and enjoying right at you exhale teasing! Also, this video is recommended for whom of you who appreciates to see nicotine tainted filter tips.

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