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Becky’s Girl Friend Is A Chainsmoker


The lovely Becky invited her roommate Carol to the studio! First thing you can notice is that Becky greatly improved her smoking style. Her drags are more mature and much heavier than ever before! She now often powersmokes hard 3-4 times before inhaling. She literally burns her cigarettes down, her cheeks caving in at each and every drag. She then releases beautiful cones in the air. Carol shows deep smoking too with great cheek hollowing drags and cone exhales. She also moans of pleasure when she blows out the smoke.

This video is divided in 3 scenes. First, you see the two girls enjoying cigarettes and drinks in public. Then, you can admire them in the studio. One scene you have to see is when Carol put some gloss on Becky’s lips: the girls both keep smoking during the whole process! And in the end, they offer you a two at once duo smoking and kissing scene! The girls really chainsmoke, almost always using eachother cigarettes to light up. Light and sound are perfect: you clearly hear the inhale and exhale sounds and see all the smoke released.

There is no doubt that these two lovely girls are true smokers in real life. Becky displays now an accomplished style and Carol is a welcomed new comer. Here, they both offer you a great smoking session with awesome deep drags, chainsmoking along the whole video. Moreover they are really friendly and often smile to the video camera. And don’t forget, the makeup scene is worth to see!

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