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Brat Girlfriend’s Serenity Smoking Humiliation Smokin Shell Fantasies


Bratty confident Akira

Your girlfriend Akira takes you outdoors with her on a bright and sunny warm day to smoke a cigarette in the bright green shrubbery and vibrantly contracted ELECTRIC blue nails, knowing how much you HATE the smell of her smoke. Providing you with up close and personal views, Akira takes long and EXAGGERATED heavy exhales after each deep inhale. Akira giggles and smirks at as she blows her thick milky white smoke out of her soft plump hibiscus lips so close to your face, close enough for you to SQUIRM and burn with a HUMILITY as hot as the ember in her cigarette. Brat girl Akira confidently looks down at you, moving in closer and further away at leisure, eyes laughing at your DISCOMFORT and tor-ture. She sees right through you for the little BITCH you are; you’ll never argue with what Akira wants… it’s pure serenity for her.

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