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Brat Smokes & Cums In Parent’s Home Smokin Shell Fantasies


Visiting her family back home, Akira has been having a horrible time! Full of bratty spite and FRUSTRATION, and not having smoked a cigarette in days, Akira decides to take advantage of her short time at the family house alone. Akira gets comfortable on the living-room couch, SPARKING up one of her dark green American Spirits. Running her crisp, LONG, painted nails across her SOFT skin, all the way down to her painted TOES. Taking deep and SHARP drags of her cigarette, Akira works her hands across her PERKY breasts, sending tingles down to her PUSSY. She slides her hands down lower, UNBUTTONING her tight little shorts and slipping in to RELEASE her pent up frustration… After bringing herself to an earth shattering CLIMAX Akira finishes PUFFING on her cigarette, smirking to herself thinking about her clueless family sitting down on the couch now…

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