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Catherine Camel Non Filter


Here is the first clip filmed with pretty girl Catherine. After convincing this cute thing to smoke on camera she wanted to do the first one with Dolly. She totally surprised me when she asked me if she could smoke one of my filterless Camels, apparently this girl is fond of smoking filterless cigarettes and has plenty of experience smoking them. She has a hilarious way of asking me if I had packed the cigarettes properly which you can see in the 10 second preview clip
Catherine enjoys this non filtered cigarette while Dolly powers through a Marlboro Red 100. They talk just a little bit but not much because they are too busy smoking their cigarettes. Dolly being the power smoker that she is, was amazed that Catherine finished first and comes out of the room after and claims that she has met her match. Great smoking from these two cuties, I just set up the cameras and left them to do their thing and they did it great!

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