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Catherine The Smoking Doll


Here is awesome cute smoker Catherine in another smoking fetish video. She smokes 5 cigarettes in 5 scenes, two Camel Filters, two Marlboro Red 100s and one Filterless Camel. Great heavy smoking from the beautiful Catherine!!! All scenes are non stop with no edits.

1st scene Catherine smokes a Camel Non Filter in the sunlight exhaling huge clouds of white smoke.
2nd scene Dolly and Catherine smoke Camel Filters together, they swap smoke and kiss each other.
3rd scene Catherine smokes a Marlboro Red 100 intimately up close right at you.
4th scene She shows off her lung power by doing some extreme smoking with double, triple pumps and even does a quadruple drag off a Camel filter.
Last scene Catherine in in her wedding dress again looking so elegant as she powers through a Marlboro red 100 in the sunlight.

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