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Chloe Toy smoking 4 corks in a row with her feet topless WomenWhoSmoke


I would like a video of Chloe Toy smoking 3-4 cigarettes with her feet. The most important thing is to film from the side. Each cigarette must be held so that the filter tip can be seen on the bare foot sole side, between the 2nd and 3rd toes. I namely would like to clearly see the filter as it gets dirty while each cigarette is smoked. I would really like to see the foot sole all the time, except when dragging, of course. The clips should be filmed rather close to the model, showing her head and her foot held in front of her at all times. I would really enjoy if you can zoom in many times between drags on the foot tip and the cigarette filter, and also right before finishing a cigarette to see the final stains on it. Some closeups on toes while the model drags on her cigarette and exhales the smoke would be great as well. Feel free to move the camera temporarily if you need to. I love nose exhales, so a lot of them would be cool. Double pumps would be nice, as well as nose and mouth exhales against the foot sole and toes. For each cigarette, Chloe should start by putting it between her toes before lighting it up. Each cigarette should be smoked entirely with the foot (if possible, ashing should be made with the cigarette still held between the toes). I prefer long cork-filtered cigarettes. My preferred brand is Marlboro Gold 100s. (Custom video)

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