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Christina: Talking About My Strong Addiction


Christina fixes her huge cravings for nicotine in this extra-long video! She started to smoke at 17 when she attended university. “The cigarette called for me, it was so attractive.” She learnt to smoke on her own and taught it to her brother. Today at 25 years old, she shows us a strong addiction. Observe her hungry drags, deep and fast would be the best words to describe this intense smoking action. All ways are good to satisfy her body: enormous full mouth drags, multi pumps without exhaling and danglings. She does it so well! And when one is not enough, no problem: she smokes two at once.

Consequences? Her exhales are incredibly thick. Her lungs are quiet content with these volumes of smoke but sometimes it’s a little too much and Christina breaks coughing. And despite this dry cough, she keeps on smoking, she needs it so bad! This girl is so stressed, she often bites her nails to struggle that nervousness, but the gets calmed with her cigarette: indeed, when we ask her how long can she last without a cigarette, she answers: “may be an hour, may be less.”

The sound is perfect and the loud “pop” sound that she makes when she removes the cigarette from her lips gives you an idea of the strength she puts in a drag. Christina feels perfectly comfortable with her strong addiction. “I smoke around 24 cigarettes a day, but sometimes more, until I get tired, I never stopped.” “Smoking doesn’t harm me, it helps me.” In this video she hungrily smokes 9 red 100s. Don’t be fooled by her innocent face, Christina is a powerful smoker!

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