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Chyia’s Debut Smoking Kittens Smoking Kittens


Chiya is wearing a lace top with fishnet stockings. Chiya’s Story: Hello my name is Chiya I’m a friend and classmate of Mia. I am very curious why my friends really likes to smoke. Everytime I am with them they always smoke and sometimes they blow the smoke towards me and teasing me to try it. I did try it when Mia told me about SKP and she showed me pictures of her wearing different sexy outfits. I find it very interesting to try. So she introduces me to Chloe and I had an audition. It’s not hard to learn how to smoke because already try it before the shoot. Because I’m new I ask Chloe to teach me how smoke in a sexy way. I really enjoyed my first shoot. I love the outfits and make up because I look so different and elegant. I hope you like my videos.

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