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Cinderella After The Ball Smoking Kittens


This is the sequel to “Does Cinderella Smoke?” Shortly after her stepsisters introduced her to smoking, the “New” Cinderella attended the Fetish Ball and met the girl who was chosen Princess of the Ball. They hit it off and Cinderella invited her over. This clip begins when Cinderella (Mimi) returns from the ball wearing a black pvc minidress, long red gloves. and a party mask, which she removes after a few minutes. She relaxes, smoking her 120’s and enjoying memories of the ball while awaiting a visit from the Princess. Princess Yuri arrives, still wearing her mask, and while they are getting to know each other Princess Yuri watches Cinderella smoking, then asks Cinderella to teach her. Cinderella shows her how to hold the cigarette and demonstrates her smoking style, which the Princess thinks looks very sexy and as she begins to smoke she talks about how sexy she feels and how happy she is to have such a glamorous teacher. They cant keep their hands off each other as they snuggle and smoke.

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