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Cleo She Loves To Smoke


Cleo is a 18 years old Spanish girl who started to smoke hidden in the toilets of her home at the age of 14. She smokes 20 full flavour cigarettes a day

Her style is quiet refreshing with pretty long cheek hollowing drags, powersmoking, drifting, amazingly thick exhales, and even sometimes multi drags and snaps. Her enjoyment is really obvious! She is completely devoted to smoking! Her style is so sensual and seductive! So young, sweet and sometimes horny: “I love to smoke in the shower”.

She has acquired all the aspects of smoking even chaining a fresh new cigarette with a dying one. So young and already a chain smoker! Delightful! Cleo loves to feel the smoke pouring into her: “I love to smoke, I feel relaxed and connecting with myself”. Lighting and sound are again completely mastered. It is impossible to feel indifference in front of a so young and talented smoker! She already has everything to seduce any smoking fetishist.

Get this video to admire this early confirmed lovely smoker that obviously loves to smoke!

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