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Coaching a New Smoker to Inhale: Part #1 Katrin Starts Smoking SmokingFetishStudio


This extended scene features new smoker Katrin attempting to smoke several cigarettes. It’s comprised of the following 5 segments:

1 Katrin’s first attempt at smoking a cigarette

2 Katrin wants to sample another cigarette

3 Katrin begins to learn how to inhale cigarette smoke

4 Actively teaching Katrin how to inhale properly

5 Katrin’s lungs begin to adapt to cigarette smoke

19 year old Katrin tried a single cigarette with friends when she was 14. She never inhaled the few puffs she took and thus couldn’t determine what the attraction to smoking was. Now 19, Katrin wanted to try cigarettes again – properly! Over the course of a few hours I coached Katrin on how to smoke cigarettes. Initially she just puffs on her cigarette without inhaling the smoke, but in scene #2 I ask her, “when you take a drag, when you take the cigarette out of your mouth, breathe straight in”. From this point Katrin begins to tentatively to breathe small amounts of smoke into her virgin lungs.

During the latter part of #3 you’ll witness Katrin inhaling shallow plumes of smoke into her throat, some of which trickles into her awaiting lungs. Once she’s completed her cigarette and lights another a short time later, I decide to begin coaching her to inhale a little deeper with instructions like, “this time don’t take such a long drag, just take a short drag and then breathe the smoke in, don’t let any out”. Two distinct phenomena then happen. Katrin begins to inhale the smoke a little deeper, and secondly as she drags on her cigarette she simultaneously breathes through her nose the cigarette smoke into her body.

She has a bubbly personality and giggled a little at her failed attempts to properly inhale, but maintains utter concentration on performing her task correctly. In fact she indicates on her body by pointing to her throat and lungs where she feels the smoke! She indicates that she enjoys this new feeling, and when I ask, “do you like the sensation of breathing the smoke in”, she nods her head enthusiastically while simultaneously taking a drag.

The final scene in part 1 of this two part series follows the previous scene – she breathes in through her nose during and after a drag and attempts to open her mouth to inhale on a few occasions. In just a few hours Katrin is already becoming accustomed to cigarette smoke. In part 2 she discusses how she feels about smoking.

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