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Coaching a New Smoker to Inhale: Part #2 Katrin Starts Smoking SmokingFetishStudio


This extended scene is of Katrin smoking another 4 cigarettes. These scenes were filmed after a short break once Katrin was ready to sample some more cigarettes. The clip follows on from the previous clip, “Coaching a New Smoker to Inhale: Part #1” where I’ve been gently coercing Katrin to inhale more smoke from her cigarettes.

I encourage some dialogue in the scene to capture Katrin’s feelings towards smoking. I ask her what she feels when she’s smoking and also if she feels the smoke in her lungs as she takes tentative drags on her strong Mayfair. I announce in the scene, ‘try taking a deep inhale this time’, and follow it up with, ‘instead of opening your mouth to let the smoke out, try breathing it straight in’. After a few attempts she succeeds in overwhelming her lungs with smoke and coughs a little. Her beautiful face reveals that she’s a little! It’s time for a rest from smoking…only for a short time time of course!

After a while I ask Katrin to sample another cigarette which doesn’t take too much encouragement. I prompt her to divulge her memories of her first and only cigarette when she was 14. It’s revealed to the camera that she couldn’t understand why her friends liked it. I ask her if the reason was because she never inhaled the smoke, to which she agrees. In the same scene we discuss the sexiness of smoking, as I enquire, ‘do you think it looks quite sexy when a girl smokes?’ to which Katrin enthusiastically nods her head and says ‘yes of course!’ This is a girl who truly loves learning how to smoke cigarettes.

Again the final scene features me trying to coach Katrin in the art of inhaling cigarette smoke with instructions to not release the smoke before she inhales it. I ask, ‘does that feel good when you’re doing that?’, and Katrin nods her head in agreement. Something quite incredible then happens! She volunteers without any prompting her thoughts on her first smoking experience, with comments like, ‘I feel satisfied’ and ‘smoking is sexy for girls’. We discuss her thoughts on continuing smoking cigarettes in the future. If you want to know more you’ll need to purchase the scene. This is the ultimate smoking fetish clip! Don’t miss it…

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