Cougar Step-Mom Finds Forbidden Video on Computer Wicked Smoking StepMothers


( This video has been re-edited into higher quality and full screen )

Bobby comes home and his step-mother Raquel immediately calls him into their home office. She has found a video on their computer that she wants to know about. Bobby explains that it’s a video of his friend Eddie and his step-mother. Raquel wants to know what exactly they are doing in the video. So, Bobby fast forwards the video and shows Raquel that his friend and his step-mother are having sex. Raquel is at first shocked to see this act of forbidden love between step-mother and step-son but Bobby calms her down and gets her to understand that yes, they are step-mother and step-son but they are also two consenting adults. Raquel leaves the room but returns later with another glass of and smoking her cigarette. She sees Bobby watching the video and asks him if it is turning him on to watch his friend Eddie fuck his own step-mother. Bobby admits that it does. Raquel asks if he thinks Eddies step-mom is better looking than she is. Bobby says no way, Eddie’s step-mom is a “7 “but Raquel is a definite “10”. Raquel offers to give her step-son a “dance” because she thinks they are close like Eddie and his step-mom are. They both go downstairs and Raquel begins to do a sexy strip tease for Bobby while smoking. She knows that her step-son has a smoking fetish because of the way he looks at her everytime she lights up. Raquel strips down to nude and then gives her step-son a sexy ” lap dance” Bobby is going crazy with lust. Raquel takes down his pants and begins to stroke and suck him until Bobby cums in her cum hungry mouth. Now Raquel leads her step-son to the bedroom. She wants to feel his hard cock inside of her so she mounts him and begins to ride him hard to a fierce orgasm. Bobby is ready to cum again but he wants to do it in his step-mom’s ass. He takes out some lube and with his finger he lubes her ass up and finger bangs her ass hole. When Raquel is ready for him Bobby shoves his cock up her ass. Bobby pounds his step-mom’s ass until his balls explode into her tight asshole and gives her a fantastic anal cream pie.

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