Cute young chainsmoker in a flowy purple dress cute anklet cute small feet smoking for you Smoking Angie


Who can resist a cute girl in a little wisp of a dress? Certainly not you. In this clip I’m wearing
the perfect flirty summer purple sundress – it’s light and flowy and catches the breeze and also
catches your attention as the softly floating material exposes my smooth perfect thighs… I’m
also wearing the cutest little anklet emblazoned with the letter A as in Angie, A as in Addiction… because you are Absolutely Addicted to Angie and your Angie is addicted to her cigarettes…
In this clip you’ll also be treated to closeups of my perfect little feet with that lovely anklet
dangling… the clear nail polish on my toes and long fingernails makes them sparkle seductively.
I lean in close to you and match-light a strong Dunhill all-white (We love to play with fire, don’t
we?) Oh the danger… the risk of smoking, the possibility of losing your mind staring at a sexy
young smoking girl… You are hooked, helpless… you have no option but surrender. You watch
me smoke, watch me twirl in my flowy little dress… I smile at you and you hear my sweet voice
as we chat, my eyes never leaving yours except when I let you see the back of my dress as I
blow a plume of smoke straight into the air… but don’t worry, sometimes I lean in close and
blow my smoke in your face! My window is closed, to keep all the smoke inside, filling my
apartment, and my lungs and yours. We share this smoky dream, our personal heaven. Don’t
you love to lose yourself in my smoke? I know I do…

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