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Dangling corks & perfect soles by your cute secretary Smoking Angie


Here is my script :

You are a secretary sitting on a chair at your desk. As a secretary you need to wear correct but nice clothes. Best a skirt to seeo Your legs. Would be cool if you could wear nylon stockings to the skirt at the beginning of the scene.

About your hair style : I love your long black hair and it would be so great to see you in that way most of the clip.

But if you don´t mind and it´s not too much effort for you : could you pin up your hair in any way at the beginning of the clip ?

Opening it later. To give you the image of a conservative secretary at the beginning. You could also use your glasses at the beginning.

So you must play the well-behaved secretary for your chief, But he is not here and you can finally be yourself in the office.

You are an addicted smoker and light up first a Marlboro Red taking some deep drags with cheek-hollow-draws.

Then you are starting to change your outfit. Taking-off your shoes first. Still in stockings you are dipping your feet on the ground.

But short time later you like to take-off our stockings as well to be barefoot. Taking off also your glasses. You have no hands free during that job and need to dangle your cigarette in your mouth. But you are so addicted that you need to take some no-hand-drags with nose exhales.

When you are barefoot you are dipping your feet again pressing your toes on the ground to see your soles and arches.

Continue / finishing smoking your cigarette.

Now you are opening your hair to see you with your pretty long hair. If you like to do a big favour for me : please put-on your hairband what you used in other clips !

You are feeling very good now and relax. Laying down your stretched legs and feet on the table to see your soles and arches from other views.

Please look at the sample pics !

You light up another Marlboro Red and enjoy with your sexy kind of smoking like you want to do it.

I would be so happy if you would like my script and could realize it !

About the views : would be great to see you, your face smoking and your feet mostly in a total view of all together.

But especially for the dipping scenes and no-hand-drags it would be very welcome to have some close-ups as well, please.

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