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Deborah Italian Smoking Woman


Deborah signs here her first video. She started to smoke by her own at 16 years old.

This sexy Italian woman excels in large danglings with long drags, in which the exhales are really rare because she loves to keep the smoke inside. See how often Deborah moistens her lips of pleasure as she keeps the smoke inside. Sometimes exhales are just residual smoke clouds, and she takes a deep breath before exhaling to push the smoke deeper in her lungs. Otherwise she takes deep drags, (never less than 3 seconds) and releases the smoke trough her parted lips or with a nose mouth combination exhale. She enjoys smoking her 100s here: “it’s very good, very strong”.
Deborah smokes 8 cigarettes on this video, often taking languorous poses. This video is indicated for all the dangling enthusiasts.

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