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Desirae CineSmoke


A video with the beautiful Desirae. This girl had quit smoking recently, but immensely enjoys the opportunity to indulge in the habit again for this video. She smokes some VS 120’s, B&H; 100’s, a cigar, a pink Fantasia cigarette, and smokes two cigarettes in one scene, which was a first for her. This is a girl who likes to smoke. She does some french inhales here and there, and in the final segment, which consists of alot of closeup smoking, there’s alot of great french inhales. There is conversation on smoking and stuff, which you wouldn’t guess from the clips below. I’m a real dork in this video, and I made a couple poor choices for shots, at some point during the video you will say to yourself “What the hell is wrong with the camera guy?” I’m telling you I was just plain distracted on this one, it would have happened to any of you. Desirae is a very sexy and beautiful girl. She smokes really nicely, and obviously loves doing it. Running time: 50 min.

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