Diana Young, Winsome, Smoking


Diana from Spain gives her debut for Smokingsweeties in this new production (25 min runtime). There are three scenes where she underlines her beauty and charisma with heavy smoking. She is only 21 years old but already started smoking at the age of 14. Now her style is rather slow, she takes her time to drag, to inhale and to exhale but thereby she makes sure that she is able to enjoy every shred of tobacco to the fullest, just as she proves this in the three scenes included in this video:

Scene 1: Smoking while standing in front of the mirror and applying makeup, two cigarettes. Nice tight clothes, whole-body shots and fine hands-free smoking.
Scene 2: Interview scene. Diana is relaxing on the sofa smoking two cigarettes. Close and medium focusing while she answers questions about herself and her smoking. Beyond these questions, she is also not reluctant to add some more personal smoking info here.
Scene 3: Diana is filmed from the side while having a last cigarette. Short but in fact a good summary about this beauty and how she celebrates her way of smoking.
Enjoy Diana’s slow-paced but slick smoking style which fits perfectly to her winsome personality. No matter which perspective you will take, you will always end up to the conclusion that she is one of those young women who will always light up another cigarette in order to underscore lifestyle, appeal and character.

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