Do Androids Smoke? The Sequel Smoking Kittens Productions


This is the sequel to Do Androids Smoke? Lisa v9.2 ( Misaki) is the latest version, just purchased and still untrained in human behavioral patterns. Her buyer, the owner of Lisa 9.1 (Lizzie), decided he wanted two Lisa’s and upon taking delivery instructed L 9.2 to spend time with L 9.1 to learn the behaviors that please him. L 9.2 is not shy, she simply doesnt know how to behave and L 9.1 is quite capable of training her, starting with smoking and affection. L 9.2 learns quickly, inhaling like her teacher–they never cough with artificial lungs! A little later they rise, swaying to the music, becoming very affectionate with each other. By the time they go to their owner L9.2 is smoking heavily and lighting their cigarettes. He’s in for a delightful surprise!

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