Double H Girls Volume III

  1. Alicia, 19, is a stunning blonde. Fair skin, model looks, and dressed for success. She smokes her Marlboro Reds with flair. Perfect mouth and nose exhales, with deep free hand inhales is this girl’s style. If you like your girls young, attractive, and able to do just about anything with a full-flavored cigarette, this is her.
  2. Coco is a very beautiful light skinned black girl . At 19, with her model looks, she smokes her all white 100s like a lady. Very elegant inhales, and thick rich exhales are a nice sight. Her style is very slow and pronounced. She takes very long freehand drags, then inhales deep, then produces large amounts of smoke on her exhales,.definitely addicted!
  3. Alicia returns with her hair down and wearing a gorgeous black negligee. We put her through her paces again and she stunned us with some fantastic mouth and nose exhales.
  4. Oh Man!!! Another BLONDE hardbody 19 year old??? Alyson is a model and it shows, with her perfect face, hair, and makeup. Her style features a rapid smoking pace, with awesome nostril and mouth exhales. All this and stunning looks . Whew!
  5. Ilka, another Russian knockout is next…nothing fancy, just enchanting smoking glamour.
  6. Beth, a dark haired, brown eyed beauty comes by. At 27 years of age, she has learned to smoke like a pro. Beth gives us some picture perfect nostril exhales. A cute classy girl with ‘dragon-like’ exhales.
  7. They just keep coming! Yvette, 18 is an attractive Latvian model wearing small framed glasses. This girl could easily be the next VS120 poster girl. Kind of weak on the inhales, but she looks good just holding the cigarette!
  8. Kendra 19, is a light skinned college cheerleader. She smokes a VS120 slow and enjoys it to the fullest. Nice tight mouth exhales and long exaggerated inhales are her style.
  9. Jade!!! One of the prettiest girls you will find. Her nose exhales are massive and she smokes like a freight train. She dangles and exhales so much smoke that we had to take breaks just to clear the air, What a girl! Running Time: 37 Minutes

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