Double H Girls Volume IX

  1. Do you like leggy? Midajah, 30, is a tall attractive black model smoking Kool 100s. She has some good mouth and nose exhales.
  2. Doci, 19 is an attractive Cherokee mix who likes to show off a little of her smoking heritage. A very interesting look to this girl – is it the cheekbones, or the eyes?
  3. Sally, 23, is an attractive next door type brunette. She is a deep massive inhaler which results in huge exhales from her mouth and nose. You don’t see smoking like this unless you happen upon a nicotine crazed co-worker on a 5 minute break.
  4. Shay, 19 is a young, long haired brunette model smoking Marlboro 100s. Pretty straight forward mouth exhales with pop inhales.
  5. Christine, 19 is a very cute college model. Very sophisticated smoking and near perfect looks are a great combination. She has a pronounced nose which gives some great nostril exhale effects, and her mouth exhales are perfect cones, fast tight and soooo long lasting. Yum!
  6. Toni, 20, looks like a young Catherine Zeta Jones. Long dark hair, coal black eyes, and a killer smile is what makes this girl exciting. Perfect mouth exhales here.
  7. Christine is back, her hair is down, and she looks even more ravishing, if that’s possible. This girl is fun, lively, and just loves to smoke! More smoke modeling with added rapid fire mouth and nose exhales make this girl a must see!
  8. Toni, 28, is a bubbly hardbody blonde. She told us she runs 5 miles a day and smokes over a pack each day. Now that’s dedication.
  9. Buffy, 20, is a long haired platinum blonde rock star. She smokes rapid fire and has some massive mouth and nose exhales that just have to be seen to be believed. Her full lips nearly engulf the cigarette as she dangles and smokes so fast we can barely keep up with her. Lots of fun with this hottie.

Running Time: 30 minutes

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