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Double H Girls Volume VII

  1. Alicia, 23, a short-haired brunette, is a fantastic smoker. Huge inhales and exhales really bring out this girl’s allure. A fabulous start to this exceptional HH volume!
  2. Dominique, 24, is an African with stunning model looks. She smokes a ML 100 with ease and style, creating her own brand of elegance. Shouldn’t be long until you see her in films and commercials, because this girl is a star, no question.
  3. Joyce is a 35 y/o blonde in a business suit – now this is the type of woman to have for a boss! Nice deep inhales followed by massive mouth and nose exhales. Very mature and sensuous.
  4. Consuelo, 23, is a very attractive Puerto Rican with jet black hair and eyes that seem to burn through you. Near perfect inhales and exhales from a VS 120 complete the effect. Hot!!!
  5. Candi, 21, is a first time smoker. A must see for smoking virgin lovers. She didn’t know how to light the lighter, nor did she know to duck her ashes…wouldn’t you like to teach her a thing or two?
  6. A gorgeous brunette, Anna, 28, comes to us from Russia to show off her nice inhales and exhales. There is a certain sultry quality to this girl that is hard to pin down – a James Bond girl, perhaps?
  7. Candace 22, is a light skinned black girl who smokes VS 120s with a vengeance. Don’t mess with her!
  8. Paulette, 31, is an experienced blonde model and it shows. Fit, thin, and sleek, she smokes rapid-fire style, with tons of mouth and nose exhales. She has lots of talking exhales and never lets all of her smoke out which means that there is always smoke coming from her 105lb body.
  9. Ginger, 20, is a busty brunette. At six feet in her stocking feet, she is a lot of girl. VS120s are like air to her as she puffs away and smokes fast, unleashing massive amounts of smoke from her mouth and nose. Stand back!
  10. Corey, 19, is a long haired brunette with some fabulous exhales. Some fantastic effects come from her mouth and nose. Classic, tight stream mouth exhales and near perfect nose exhales are what this girls is all about. A fitting conclusion to one of HH’s best volumes.

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