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Elena Heavy Chain Smoker


Heavy smoking Latin beauty Elena is back in her all new smoking video showing off her sexy powerful smoking skills and looking better than ever. It has been over 8 months since her last shoot and Elena is still demolishing her cigarettes with her powerful drags and deep inhales. She said she likes to chain smoke quite a bit and she chain smokes in her new video. Elena smokes 7 cigarettes in 5 new scenes including 2 heavy chain smoking scenes, two Marlboro Red 100s and five Marlboro Reds are smoked by this cigarette loving beauty. Elena does some small snap inhales, double drags, double pumps while exhaling from her nose, deep inhales and big thick exhales. Here hair is a little longer and she loves to play with it as she devours her strong cigarettes along with putting on some lip gloss as she smokes at the vanity, she fills the room with thick smoke in a sunlit scene and she uses the first cigarette butt to light her second one the 2 chain smoking scenes. Each scene is captured from two angles. Awesome heavy and sexy smoking from this pretty babe that really does love to chain smoke and smoke powerfully !!!

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