Estefania Sexy Power-Smoking Body


This video shows off the progression of the smoking skills and smoker’s attitude that this beautiful girl has developed further since her last appearance more than two years ago.

Are you looking for smoking-lungs sounds? This video is spectacular. Estefania kicks off with a power-smoking performance while dancing seductively. She power-smokes two and a half cigarettes, while moving her sleek body to the music and letting the viewers admire her taste for transparent clothes. She fulfills her chest with enormous amounts of smoke, nearly getting out of air as a consequence of her fast breathing pace combined with constant powerful drags, making her to get out of air . Due to her broken exhales, her lungs keep partially fulfilled with residual smoke. This makes her nostrils to propel generous amounts of residual smoke.

In the following scene, Estefania relaxes her body while enjoying another smoke for her convenience, still listening her music. Just watch her relishing moments like this, topped with the clear “pop” sounds of her lips kissing cigarettes.

The last scene shows Estefania from the side, this can be described as a round-up of her style and skill. In her bedroom-style outfit, she has one last smoke and will again easily seduce the camera with her awesome body and her yet intense way of smoking.

Check out this 17 minutes runtime video if you enjoy watching a young smoking woman teasing in her private bedroom with power-smoking, dancing and sexy outfits all in one chunk.

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