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First Date Surrender HypKink Seduction is Power


This is another new clip starring the irresistible Lacie James. In this video you’re on a first date with Lacie and she tells you that she really appreciates you letting her smoke. Then she says she notices your eyes lit up when she did, she realizes you have a smoking fetish. She says that gives her an idea for something she’s always wanted to do. She plays with the cigarette, letting it move back and forth before her eyes. You ask if she’s trying to mesmerize you and she laughs saying you don’t really believe in that sort of thing do you? But then after she gives that sexy chuckle again she tells you that yes, she is trying to mesmerize you and it’s working, you’re falling under her spell. And of course, try as you do to fight it, you are. Soon she’s counting down and telling you how life is going to be after she wakes you up, you’ll be completely in love with her and devoted to making her happy.

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