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Franchezca: Her Love Affair With Nicotine


Franchezca smokes 9 full-strength cigarettes in this 31 minute video, burning them to ash with the full force of her experienced lungs.

Being interviewed in a telephone conversation, Franchezca describes her 15-year love affair with nicotine which encompasses every minute of every day, from when she wakes to when she sleeps. Expressing fully her true love of smoke, despite her now “destroyed lungs”. Afterwards she shows us exactly what she means as she devours 4 cigarettes at once, with huge mouth-filling drags and deep chest-rising inhales. This interview is in Spanish with subtitles in English.

Along 4 scenes, this video is the perfect showcase of a smoking sweetie for whom cigarettes are a way of life – and she loves it, though she is fully aware of the damage it causes her every day.

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