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Gaining weight and smoking combo interview ~Part 1 Eva36d


Custom clip:

“1) Maybe say a bit about when and why you decided to try to start gaining weight and how much weight you’ve gained and how much you’ve been smoking in recent months?
2) Has it been easier to gain weight in quarantine without having to leave the apartment and without much to do? Has it made it easier to smoke as much as you want because you’ve not been in non-smoking zones? Has it been challenging to be a smoker during these times (e.g. if you cough around other people who are scared of the virus, the general health scare, etc.) too?
3) Has it been hard to gain weight as a smoker? People say smoking decreases your appetite, right? Do you smoke more or less? Has it changed your relationship to smoking, the pleasure you get out of it, or anything else?
4) Are people more judgmental than they were before–like you shouldn’t be smoking AND you shouldn’t be fat because they’re bad for you? And how do you respond to that or do you just ignore it?
5) Is being a increasingly fat smoker making your life more enjoyable? Like you’re enjoying eating more and smoking and not worrying about how much you eat or smoke but just enjoying food and cigs whenever you want them and as much as you want them? And I imagine you feel good being lazy b/c you’re trying to add and not lose weight? It seems like a recipe for a lot of pleasure :).
6) Are there any downsides or challenges? Like do you ever feel bad or unhealthy or anything? If so, how do you get yourself feeling better?
7) Do you have any other thoughts or experiences or feelings to share about what it’s like to be such a sexy, curvy, irresistible smoker? Any experiences/thoughts you’ve had during the process that stuck with you and that you’d like to share? Or thoughts about anything else you want to throw out there?”
“Chain smoking during the whole clip”

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