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Gwen Smoking Interview


Gwen is a committed and heavy smoker. Now 27, she first tried smoking at the tender age of 12 and by 14 she was already addicted and smoking every day. Our interview with Gwen is conducted in her native language, Spanish (with English subtitles). She is clear that she does not want to stop and now smokes 30 cigarettes or more a day.

Gwen has a powerful smoking style; heavy drags with hollowed cheeks, beautiful snap inhales with very thick smoke and a long deep inhale. During the interview she often speaks while exhaling (trying to hold the smoke in longer), with her voice very husky. “It calms me down, I love it…”. Gwen smokes 3 100s along the video, dropping hot embers while lighting the second straight from the first after smoking that one right down to the end! She shows some stunning thick exhales and rings, describing how she learnt to blow rings. While smoking her third cigarette, Gwen talks about helping her friends to start smoking and teaching them how to start, something she’s very proud of.

Our extreme closeups and superbly lit HD video shows every detail of Gwen’s addiction. High quality sound with superb breath and detail – a SmokingSweeties classic not to be missed.

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