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HOTTEST SMOKING CUM CLIP ON C4S…Kelsie and I smoke a cigar


HOTTEST SMOKING CUM CLIP ON C4S…Kelsie and I smoke a cigar. When she Bends me over the Couch, PLeasures my pussy til I cum while I Take Big Hits from the BONG…Heavy extreme coughing N Cummin

Kelsie and I went to a formal party, we look beautiful but are absolute beat from the day…We get ourselves a glass of wine, even though we have had more then a few at the party already ready. I offer to smoke a cigar before we retire to bed…she is very relieved to have one ready, lets down her beautiful hair, I decide to do the same. We kick off our sexxy High heels and get our feet good and comfy after wearing heels all night…we char and drink when I look over at the coffee table I notice Her Bong…She tells me it was a surprize that she wants me to bend over the couch and smoke it. I agree, it is in the perfect spot to smoke it…I bend over the couch, pull down the top of my dress and fill the bong, Kelsie then Pulls out the REAL surprize a Hot Big Toy…she begins rubbing the viberator all over my tight little pussy pushing up my dress. I moan and enjoy every minute of it, she is really turning me on…I smoke the bong and cough extreme hard making my pussy more and more senitive by the minute…Finally I cant hold back and take a HUGE hit from the bong and have an incredible Orgasm…my pussy feels so good and I am so light headed…hands free smoking and cumming is the BEST REQUEST EVER! Thanks for the suggestions Joe. And thanks for the wishlist stuff. Cant wait to see it!!! Send your request SOON and say thanks but visiting the wishlist!!

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