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IRLX-21 In Real Life Exposed


IRLX-21 is the latest of our compilation videos, featuring two new accomplished smokers as they masturbate while smoking.

Sissy opens the video smoking while reading a magazine; she begins absent-mindedly touching herself as she smokes and reads, and that quickly leads to more serious touching, followed by her clothes, bra and panties coming off, and sensual smoky masturbation while chain smoking. There are nice closeups of the smoking as well as the longer shots of the smoking and masturbation. Sexy Grace is featured in the second half of the video, and she doesn’t waste time reading; shortly after lighting up, her dress comes down to let her play with her breasts while she smokes; and before she finishes her first cigarette, the dress pulls up to let her play with her pussy as well. And not long after, she brings out an enormous vibrator to do the work as she continues to smoke, up through a powerful climax and afterglow.

Sissy chains Salem 100s and Grace smokes Newport 100s continually (with one chain lightup) throughout the video. Both are terrific smokers, with deep inhales and thick mouth exhales; Sissy shows her great open-mouth inhales regularly during her scene, as well as snaps and occasional smoke rings, while Grace shows beautiful mouth and mouth/nose exhales, snap and french inhales.

We use digital video cameras to film all our videos, with front and back studio lighting and mutiple camera angles. Every copy is made from a digital master, and is a first generation copy of the master

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