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Jenna Half Hour Of Sexy Smoking


Here is 30 minutes of sexy smoking with Jenna. She smokes 6 cigarettes in 6 all new smoking scenes, 2 full flavor Parliaments, 2 Marlboro Menthols, 1 Newport 100 and 1 Marlboro Menthol 100. In three of the scenes Jenna talks to you and the other three she just looks pretty and smokes. Jenna performs sexy close up omis showing the smoke down her throat, she rapidly power smokes a Marlboro Menthol 100 as fast as she can with double and triple drags,she stands around smoking in a nice dress looking incredible, she is wearing her pirate Halloween outfit, she talks to you with her British accent while smoking in the sunlight and just looks really hot wearing her black dress smoking a Newport. Audible inhales and exhales throughout along with some double pumps and her usual sexy snaps and open mouth inhales.Always sexy smoking from beautiful blonde Jenna !!!

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