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This vid is a bit of a departure from the last couple of JSG videos – it features just two smokers.
But there’s no departure from the usual JSG approach of focusing on attractive young models
smoking well, highlighted by great quality and lots of closeups.
Julia and Vicky are 18-year old best friends, who sit at a kitchen table, smoke, and
chat about boys and sex (including a little on lesbian experiences), and talk about
their smoking histories and preferences. They also sample a clove,
as they talk about different brands; there’s full dialogue in this vid.
Julia is a very accomplished smoker, with a nice natural snap and a nice french inhale as well;
Vicky isn’t far behind in terms of her smoking, and as you’d expect in a JSG video,
there are lots of thick nose exhales, in addition to the other techniques shown.
If attractive smoking teens are your thing – check this one out!
1 hour, 13 minutes – no sex or nudity – brown-filtered cigarettes.

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